ANZ is rebranding as #GAYNZ for Mardi Gras

ANZ is coming out.

Following the success of its “GAYTMs” over recent years the banked announced today it would be celebrating this year’s Mardi Gras on March 5 by rebranding as GAYNZ.

This year marks the bank’s 10th anniversary as a sponsor of Sydney’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, and as a tribute it will be transforming it’s Oxford Street branch – which is located at the heart of the Mardi Gras parade route – as the official GAYNZ branch.

The Darlinghurst bank will be decked out in baroque-inspired decorations, including ornate walls, a marbled floor and 16 unique, hand-painted murals inspired by the LGBTI community, as well as two new GAYTMs.

The bank first started the GAYTM initiative in 2014, and has continued to tradition ever since because of the roaring success.

Along with the glitzy money machines on Oxford Street, the four GAYTMs return to the George Street and Pitt Street branches.

Here’s a look at last year’s disco ball-esque GAYTM.

All ATM operator fees for non-ANZ cardholders are donated to Twenty10, a not-for-profit organisation working with and supporting people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, their families and communities.

“Diversity, inclusion and respect is an important part of what we do at ANZ,” said chair of ANZ’s Australia Division Diversity Council Mark Hand, “so we are particularly proud of our partnership with Mardi Gras.”

Hand said the overwhelming response the bank had to its GAYTMs was the inspiration behind the revamp to the Oxford Street branch.

“It was only natural to take things to a new level to celebrate the milestone,” he said.

The bank will also become the first in the world to collaborate with Twitter to develop a rainbow coloured flag emoji, which will appear whenever #GAYNZ is used on the social media platform.

This year’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade in Sydney is expected to be one of the biggest on record with 230 participate set to march.

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