Here's Why Pinterest, Pandora, And Square Outsource Their Insanely Awesome Employee Perks

AnyPerkarguably provides some of the best perks to startup employees.

That’s likely why it has attracted some of the hottest tech companies, including Pinterest, Pandora, and Square.

AnyPerk helps put startups on par with Google and Facebook when it comes to perks.

For $US5 per employee per month, startups can offer employees discounted items like movie tickets, gym memberships, cell phone plans, gift cards, and more.

Next Monday, AnyPerk will launch a new category of perks focused on ski resorts, AnyPerk Director of Business Development Ilya Tokhner tells Business Insider. That means startups will be able to offer their employees discounted ski lift tickets at 18 of some of the top ski resorts nationwide.

In northern California, AnyPerk offers discounted lift tickets from popular resorts like Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood. Over on the east coast, AnyPerk is working with resorts like Killington, Sugarloaf, and Sunday River. That’s all thanks to AnyPerk’s Craig Bradley, who closed these deals under Tokhner’s direction.

AnyPerk also recently added a new transportation category, featuring perks from Lyft, Side Car, Zipcar, Getaround, Instantcab, Tickengo, FlightCar, SilverCar, and Ground Link.

“There isn’t a company in the transportation industry that we’re not currently in talks with,” Tokhner tells us. “This vertical will grow substantially over the coming months.”

In the last year, on average, AnyPerk has grown 30% month over month.

“Now I’m not talking about any fluffy numbers here like page views or downloads, or even users,” Tokhner said in a follow-up email. “I’m talking about revenue — money in the bank, a.k.a. Benjamins, cheddar, dough, paper, ducats, loot, G’s, cabbage, and clams. Our revenue, for the past 12 months has been 30% m/o/m on average, and that figure is not slowing down. If anything, it’s growing.”

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