Antonio Cromartie Calls DeMaurice Smith And NFL Leaders A**holes

Antonio Cromartie Deion Branch Jets Patriots NFL

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie continued his outspoken month by calling NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and the NFL’s “guys” arseholes.

“You got our head union rep acting like an a-hole,” Cromartie told the New York Daily News. “They got their guys acting like a-holes. So they just need to get their sh– together and just get it done.”

Cromartie is the first player to use such strong language in his criticism of the union’s leadership, but doesn’t seem to care how he’s perceived by the other members of the NFLPA. 

“Honestly, I don’t give a damn if they get mad at me or not.  It’s getting to the point where it’s getting ridiculous when everything is always dealing with money. You’re basically dealing with people’s livelihoods.

“You’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of other people in this workplace from the venues to everyone else. To me, you need to stop bitching about it. If you want to say that you want to get into a room and meet. Then, do it. Don’t just talk about it.”

Cromartie called Tom Brady an arsehole two weeks ago before the Jets beat the Patriots in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.

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