20 Tremendous Photos From The Glory Days Of The New York Stock Exchange

woman works at nYSE WWII

Photo: AP Photo

Today NYSE-Euronext announced that it would sell itself to a 12 year-old Atlanta-based commodities futures exchange, the IntercontinentalExchange (ICE), for $8.2 billion.That sale will end over 200 years of independent operations for the iconic New York exchange. In the deal, ICE gets the NYSE brand, and NYSE-Euronext gets to tap into ICE’s extensive derivatives business. NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer will stay on as  President of the combined company and CEO of NYSE Group.

Before NYSE-Euronext trades were halted this morning, the company’s stock was soaring 31%, so the market likes the deal.

Still, for anyone who loves history of the NYSE there may be a slight pang of nostalgia. Business Insider understands, and that’s why we’ve put together some of the most iconic photos of the NYSE, held by all our friends at the Library of Congress.

Here's what the floor of the stock exchange looks like now.

The NYSE in the 1880s.

The New York Stock Exchange building in 1906, from the view of the George Washington statue at Federal Hall.

The NYSE tried to hide what it looked like inside the exchange until 1907.

A hidden camera was put inside the exchange and took this, and the previous, picture.

The big board room in 1920.

A shot of he NYSE from the Federal Building in 1921.

Workers using the NYSE quotation system in 1928.

Using the phone in 1928.

Crowds panic outside the exchange right after the crash of 1929

A woman works at the NYSE during WWII.

All these pictures are birds-eye views from 1933.

These are from 1955.

Hippies dance outside the NYSE in 1967

The floor of the NYSE in 1969

Hardhats riot outside the NYSE in 1970.

Traders during the crash of 1987.

NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani rings the opening bell in 1994.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan at the NYSE in 1992.

An unhappy NYSE trader during the budget impasse of 1995.

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