Tiny Antigua Has Declared War On The US's Entertainment Industry


Photo: Flickr / x1brett/

Antigua may be gearing up to launch a government-run torrent site, which would essentially legalise Internet piracy in the country.Just yesterday, the World Trade organisation approved Antigua’s request to suspend US copyrights, TorrentFreak reports

With the WTO’s approval, Antigua is now free to run a torrent site that will host movies, music, and software, without paying the American companies that make the content.

The government-run torrent site is Antigua’s response to the US’s restrictions on Internet gambling. More than a decade ago, the US banned Antigua-based gambling sites from operating in the US. 

But in a memo to the WTO in December, US officials said that government-authorised piracy would only undermine the chances for a settlement regarding online gambling. 

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