Trump tried to block the release of an explosive new book about the White House -- and now people are buying it to spite the president

  • People say they’re buying Michael Wolff’s book on the Trump White House for the sole purpose of spiting President Trump.
  • The majority of Amazon’s top reviews of the book said that they purchased it because Trump tried to block the book’s release.
  • One review reads: “I’m not sure I’ll ever read it … Trump tried to prevent it from being published. It’s worth sending $US15 to show him we don’t do that in America.”

Readers are claiming they don’t even need to open the latest book about the Trump White House for the purchase to be worth the $US15.

On Thursday, Trump attempted to block the release of Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” after excerpts of the book portrayed the president as incompetent, rash, and nearly illiterate. Instead of ditching the book, publisher Henry Holt and Co. moved up the release date to Friday, from Tuesday.

Now, it seems Trump’s furious attempts to halt the book’s release backfired. The book is flying off the shelves and taken the No. 1 best-seller spot on Amazon, with customers being forced to wait two to four week for their copy to be shipped.

As of Friday, many of the reviews on Amazon claim to have only bought the book for one reason – to make Trump angry.

“I probably would not have bought this,” reads one five-star top review. “I will probably see most of this book for free as the media tears into it over the next few weeks. My decision to purchase was based solely on Trump’s furious efforts to keep it from coming out. It was well worth 15$ to do my part to keep this at the top of the best-sellers list.”

“I bought the book. I’m not sure I’ll ever read it,” reads another. “I doubt it’s any different than the Regnery crap, but Trump tried to prevent it from being published. It’s worth sending $US15 to show him we don’t do that in America.”

“Although most of the shocking facts have been discussed on news programs for days already, I bought this book because of the president’s attempt to silence our free press, including trying to stop this book,” reads a third. “I recommend that every American exercise their rights and protect the rights of the author and publisher by buying this book.”

Of the seven top customer reviews, meaning those voted “most helpful” by Amazon customers, four mention Trump’s attempts to block the book’s release as their reason for their purchase. In his fury, Trump has become the book’s best hype man.

Even the book’s author acknowledged the role of the president in pushing up the book’s launch date.

“Here we go,” Wolff tweeted on Thursday. “You can buy it (and read it) tomorrow. Thank you, Mr. President.”

The White House has slammed the book as “trashy tabloid fiction.” Some of the wildest claims in Wolff’s book include Trump passing on nominating an official because of his mustache, Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon calling Ivanka Trump “dumb as a brick,” and that very few members of the White House believed Trump could actually be elected president.

Trump’s efforts to prevent the book’s release have backfired in another way as well. His effusive attempts to block “Fire and Fury” from being released seem to confirm some of his over-the-top actions described in the book.

“While the White House has disputed specific details in Wolff’s book, its hardline response and Trump’s reportedly emotional reaction to the charges have lent a credibility to “Fire and Fury” that it otherwise may not have had,” Business Insider’s Alex Lockie reports.

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