A mock front page the Boston Globe published in 2016 that warned against a Trump presidency turned out to be eerily prophetic

The Boston GlobeA satirical front page produced for The Boston Globe’s anti-Trump editorial.
  • The Boston Globe newspaper published a mock front page on April 10, 2016, as commentary arguing against then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
  • Nearly two years later, that mock front page turned out to be eerily prophetic.
  • Some of the fictional headlines on the page that read, “Deportations to begin” and “Markets sink as trade war looms,” are similar to what is happening in the present day under the Trump administration.

A mock front page that the Boston Globe newspaper published as commentary in early 2016 rejected then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the most unorthodox of ways.

The front page, published on April 10, 2016, featured fictional stories that painted a bleak picture of what the US might become under the Trump administration.

That editorial is proving to be eerily similar to events that are actually happening in the present day.

How the mock Boston Globe front page from 2016 compares to actual events under President Donald Trump:

  1. Fictional front page: “DEPORTATIONS TO BEGIN.”
  2. Reality: The Trump administration has pursued an aggressive stance on immigration since Trump took office. The president this week ordered National Guard troops to take up positions at the US-Mexico border, where border-wall prototypes were recently showcased.
  3. Fictional front page: “Markets sink as trade war looms.”
  4. Reality:The Dow plunged more than 550 points on Friday, a day after Trump threatened to ratchet up a trade dispute with China.
  5. Fictional front page: “US soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families.”
  6. Reality: Early in his presidency, Trump indicated that he was serious about his campaign-era pitch to kill the families of suspected terrorists. During a briefing at the CIA, officials showed Trump archive footage of a drone strike. The strike was delayed until the target had departed a house where his family was located. According to The Washington Post, Trump asked: “Why did you wait?”
  7. Fictional front page: “New libel law targets ‘absolute scum’ in the press.”
  8. Reality:Trump frequently bristles at the news coverage about himself and his administration that he finds unflattering. His threats to seek modifications to libel laws to make it easier to sue news organisations have carried over into his presidency. The Department of Homeland Security on Friday brushed off worries that it sought access to a database of journalists and bloggers, calling it “nothing more than standard practice.”

Read the 2016 mock front page from the Boston Globe here ยป

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