New anti-Trump ads show people too uncomfortable to repeat his quotes outloud

Donald Trump is notorious for barking out reams and reams of soundbites that ensure his name is constantly in the headlines and trending on social media.

But, if asked, would you repeat some of his more controversial statements outloud?

A new $1.5 million joint digital ad campaign from super PACs Priorities USA, which is supporting Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and EMILY’s list, a super PAC promoting “pro-choice Democratic female candidates in office” asks people to do just that.

The ad shows people, seemingly plucked off the street, being presented with flashcards and asked to read some famous Trump statements outloud into a microphone. 

Statements like: “Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing,” “a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10,” “when Mexico sends its best people, they are not sending their best … they’re rapists,” and “laziness is a trait in blacks.”

Most of the people in the ad refuse.

The tagline reads: “The president speaks for all of us. Don’t let Donald Trump speak for you.”

The ad forms part of a $20 million joint initiative between the two super PACs. The digital campaign was created by ad agency SS+K.

Bobby Hershield, CCO of SS+K, said in a press release: “We didn’t want to just have people say Donald Trump quotes, but rather show the hesitation and conflict of being asked to repeat the quotes. It shows how unfathomable it would be to have him as our president. We simply don’t want to repeat the things he says.”

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