Anti-paedophile vigilante in South Australia has pulled off two stings in a week


A man has been charged and another is under investigation following two unrelated sting operations by an anti-paedophile vigilante in South Australia.

The vigilante, who has dubbed himself the “Adelaide Pedo Hunter”, sets up his targets, films the sting and makes citizen’s arrests, and later posts his videos online.

The latest involves a 28-year-old man, who was later charged by police with procuring a child to commit an indecent act and will face the Adelaide Magistrates Court in February.

Footage of the citizen’s arrest was posted on Sunday.

In the first sting on Wednesday, the vigilante confronted his target at a train station in Adelaide’s south, filming his interrogation of the man. Once police arrived, they accompanied the suspect to his home for further investigations and seized electronic devices for further examination.

The accused denies the claims made against him.

That incident is still under investigation and charges have not been laid.

The vigilante’s actions have prompted the SA Police to warn people against taking the law into their own hands, and have asked them to contact police instead.

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