Anti-Obama Crazies Won't Help GOP In 2012

climate bill protest protesters

We have to admit some surprise that the right-wing hasn’t totally blown itself up with its ridiculous attacks on Obama.

We thought the healthcare protests would backfire and end up helping the pro-reform side. And the idea of screaming SOCIALISM because the President wants to talk to kids just seems idiotic.

But it hasn’t hurt. Healthcare reform is all but dead, and the President hasn’t figure out how to jiu-jitsu the opposition. There’s even talk of a Democratic bloodbath come 2010.

So should Obama be worried? Nope! He should be relieved. Because whoever gets the GOP nod in 2012 can only win by being king of the crazies. You’ll have to play to the Rush Limbaugh-Glenn Beck-Sarah Palin wing of the party. And though that’s growing as the core of the party, it’s shrinking as a chunk of the overall electorate.

That may not manifest itself in 2010, since there’s no single Republican that has to win over the entire party. The Dems really might be in trouble in 2 years. But you better get used to it: Obama will be an 8-year President.

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