A man refusing to wear a mask threatened to sue Chipotle and demanded the police be called after an employee refused to serve him

Peter Summers/Getty ImagesProtesters against mask-wearing in London.
  • A customer refusing to wear a mask inside a Chipotle urged an employee to call the police after being refused service.
  • The employee repeatedly told the customer that it’s company policy for everyone inside to wear a mask.
  • The customer dismissed the employee over and over, at one point saying “I want to be served like a normal human being.”
  • The customer also threatened to file a lawsuit against Chipotle.
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A man refusing to wear a mask in a Chipotle threatened to sue the company and urged an employee to call the police when confronted.

A video of the conflict between the anti-masker and the Chipotle worker was posted to TikTok Friday and shows the two in a confrontation about the customer not wearing a mask. The customer, standing in line to order, argued with the masked restaurant employee, who told the unmasked man a face covering is required inside the restaurant.

The employee can be heard in the video repeatedly telling the customer that the restaurant has a policy that asks all customers to wear masks. But the customer, unyielding, responded that he was “not interested,” before saying he has “a medical condition.”

@jabberwalkinRefuses to wear a mask, or respect social distancing. Threatenedlawsuit, and a group of vets the next day. ##nomasknoservice##karen##fyp

loriginal sound – jabberwalkin

At that point, the employee then told the customer he can be served outside of the restaurant instead.

“I want to be served like a normal human being,” the customer said, before threatening to file a lawsuit against the company and asking for the manager.

“I have been here three times,” he said. “Call your manager. Ask him about the guy who comes in, demanding to be served. He’ll know exactly who you’re talking about.”

In late July, Chipotle announced it would join the list of growing companies that would require both employees and customers to wear masks inside.

On a webpage dedicated to safety measures implemented to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the restaurant chain’s mask policy reads: “Chipotle has supplied non-medical masks for all employees to wear as part of their uniform and proactively made the decision to require guests to wear masks in all restaurants.”

When the employee repeated the restaurant’s mask policy, the customer immediately replied, “Yes, I can.”

The Chipotle staffer then told the customer the police would be called if he wouldn’t leave the restaurant.

“Call ’em,” the customer told the staffer.

According to a follow-up video from the TikTok user, Justine Kitts, who originally posted the confrontation, the customer eventually left the restaurant.

It’s unclear where the Chipotle the confrontation occurred. Chipotle did not immediately return a request for comment from Insider.

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