Lobbyist Who Backed Anti-Gay Bill: 'It's Truly A Tragic Day'

Arizona lobbyist Cathi Herrod, who was a major backer of a bill critics said would allow discrimination against gays, lamented after Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the legislation Wednesday.

“Today’s veto of SB 1062 marks a sad day for Arizonans who cherish and understand religious liberty,” said Herrod.

Supporters of SB 1062, including the group Herrod heads, the Center for Arizona Politics, argued it preserved freedom of religion. Opponents said it would allow business owners to refrain from serving gay customers.

In her statement, Herrod accused those who fought the bill of exaggerating its effects to frighten voters.

“Opponents were desperate to distort this bill rather than debate the merits. Essentially, they succeeded in getting a veto of a bill that does not even exist,” she said. “The religious beliefs of all Arizonans must be respected and this bill did nothing more than affirm that. It is truly a tragic day in our state and nation when lies and personal attacks can over shadow the truth.”

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