Anti-DRM Geeks Scream 'Don't Buy Spore!', No One Listens (ERTS)

You didn’t really think gamers would be able to keep their hands off of Electronic Arts’ (ERTS) long-awaited evolution game Spore, did you? All week long we’ve been hearing nonsense about a boycott over the game’s anti-piracy DRM restrictions, along with a campaign to give legendary SimCity designer Will Wright’s latest creation a one-star rating on Amazon (AMZN) in protest.

But it turns out no one’s paying attention to the ratings, and copies of the game are flying off the shelves. On Amazon’s “Bestsellers in Video Games” list, Spore is the no. 2 seller. (And was no. 1 a few hours ago; the current no. 1 and no. 3 are pre-orders for games that aren’t out yet.) That’s even with the game getting 1,957 one star reviews out of 2,128 total reviews.

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