A bunch of Facebook and Yahoo employees couldn't get to work today because of anti-bus protesters

The tech bus protest movement was dead — or so we thought. 

In the first protest in nearly a year, dozens of people blocked the commuter shuttles that drive employees from San Francisco an hour south to Silicon Valley for work.

Among those stopped at the bus stop in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District were employees from Yahoo and Facebook. 

 San Francisco has a history of protesting tech shuttles. In 2014, protests turned violent when someone threw a rock through a window. Protestors have even blocked a tech bus by vomiting on it. Yet, the protests had quieted after the city introduced a formalized pilot program. Another protest in June 2015 didn’t manage to stop a single bus.


The protest comes on the heels of a decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors late Monday night to continue the program while the city does an environmental impact review. The board will formally vote on the agreement on Feb. 23.

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