Anthropologie was forced to cancel orders after selling $8,000 couches for free online

AnthropologieAnthropologieA screenshot from an email confirmation of the order of the $US0 couch.

Anthropologie was forced to cancel orders after giving away thousands of dollars worth of couches for free. 

On Thursday, Anthropologie’s website was selling a certain type of couch for the extraordinarily low price of $US0. Normally, these couches cost up to $US7,798.

However, due to an apparent website glitch, the Edlyn Two-Piece Chaise Sectional was being sold for free — with just a $US149 delivery charge. 

A source confirmed to Business Insider that he successfully placed an order for the nearly $US8,000 couch, and was only charged for shipping and delivery. 

People immediately began celebrating the free couches on Twitter. 

But, the celebration was short-lived, with Anthropologie taking the page down. 

Business Insider’s source said that his couch order was cancelled 39 minutes after he received an order confirmation via email. 

“The item(s) below reflect product(s) that are no longer in stock, or are cancellations that you have requested,” the email reads. 

On Twitter, people were not willing to accept the loss of free couches. 

Anthropologie did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for more info on if the retailer would deliver the free couches. 

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