Anthony Weiner Heckler Update: Weiner Went Off After Voter Attacked His Wife

Anthony Weiner’s campaign posted video that provides a bit more context on what led up to his confrontation with a voter at Boro Park, Brooklyn, bakery earlier Wednesday.

It also makes clear that in addition to calling Weiner a “scumbag,” the voter complained that Weiner is “married to an Arab” — referring to his wife, Huma Abedin.

“The video you saw did not document the entire exchange between Anthony and the man,” a Weiner spokesperson said in a pushback email to reporters. “… The man made repeated personal attacks against Anthony and his family and after several minutes, Anthony stood up for himself.”

The controversy flared up on Wednesday when blogger Jacob Kornbluh captured video of the confrontation, which lasted for more than two minutes. Weiner appeared to take objection after the voter called him a “scumbag” for the second time.

“Yeah, takes one to know one, jackass,” Weiner quipped back. “… What’s that? You wait until I walk out to say anything — that’s courage!”

Weiner and the man subsequently approached one another.

“You have the nerve to even walk around in public?” the man told Weiner. “You’re disgusting.”

“You’re my judge?” Weiner said in rebuke. “What rabbi taught you that you’re my judge?”

Here is the full video, as posted by the Weiner campaign (the confrontation starts around the 3:40 mark):

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