ANTHONY WEINER: I'm '100 Per Cent' Done Sexting

Desperately clinging to a floundering New York City mayoral bid, Anthony Weiner confirmed he’s “100% not” in any online relationships,
following a strange quotehe gave to the New York Daily News earlier this week.

Weiner also told NBC New York in an interview Friday that he regrets his experiences engaging in online relationships.

“I didn’t like when I was doing it. It was wrong to do. It was wrong to my wife — wrong period,” Weiner said.

For the first time, Weiner seemed exasperated at the questions that continue to trail him about the online relationships, the latest of which were disclosed early last week and have plunged him into fourth place among Democratic primary candidates.

Weiner admitted last week to online sexual relationships with at least three women after resigning from Congress in 2011. In total, he estimated that he had online relationships with between six and 10 women both during his time in Congress and otherwise.

“The behaviour that people know about, I did, over an extended period of time, with more than one person,” Weiner told NBC New York. “I just think at a certain point, OK, I think people know these embarrassing things about me. I think at a certain point now we have to have a conversation that goes to, all right, what else should people know?”

Earlier this week, Weiner fell to fourth place among New York City mayoral candidates in a new Quinnipiac University poll — behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and former Comptroller Bill Thompson.

Meanwhile, his campaign also suffered a public-relations disaster when his campaign manager, Barbara Morgan, went on an expletive-laden rant at a former campaign intern in what she thought was a private conversation with a reporter.

In an attempt to swing the conversation, the Weiner campaign blasted out video of Weiner’s tough encounter with a voter at the City Island Civic Association meeting on Tuesday.

“I have never ducked the tough questions,” Weiner said in the email. “Sometimes when you’re mayor, those are the only kind you get.”

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