ANTHONY WEINER: I'm (Still) Not Resigning

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Anthony Weiner is still not resigning.

Or so he told the New York Post when they tracked him down earlier today.

The statement comes after another headline-making day with revealed a picture of Weiner’s private parts and the news his wife Huma is pregnant.

Surprised?  Maybe Weiner thinks things simply can’t get any worse and the only way from here is up. 

Or maybe he’s hoping the Internet has shortened voters attention spans to the extent that if he can just hold on till next week this will all go away.

Or maybe he thinks this sort of tenaciousness will eventually be considered admirable.

Regardless, this does not sound like a man on the verge of disappearing.

Here’s what he told the Post:

“I’m not,” Weiner said when asked by a Post reporter whether he planned to resign.

I’m going to get back to work as best I can,” he said.

“I betrayed a lot of people and I know it and I’m trying to get back to work now and try to make amends to my constituents, and of course to my family of course,” he added. “I’m going to go back to my community office and try to get some work done….As I said when I spoke at the press conference on Monday that I exchanged inappropriate things with people and, I think that I’ve now got to deal with those consequences,” he added.

Picture courtesy of the Post (taken on the sidewalk during the above interview…obviously).

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