WAITING FOR WEINER: The Media Stakes Out A New York Mayoral Candidate Famous For Other Things

Anthony Weiner

It’s official!

Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner has announced his candidacy for mayor of New York.

Mr. Weiner is nationally famous for accidentally sexting a picture of his, well, weiner, to the entire world a couple of years ago (it was supposed to be a direct message to a young fan). Weiner first claimed he’d been hacked. Then he lied. Then, finally, in a teary press conference, he resigned his seat and ducked out of sight for a while.

And now he’s back!

In a new campaign video, Mr. Weiner acknowledges that he has made mistakes. But he has learned from them. And his lovely wife still loves him. And it’s time to get back in the game…

Naturally, the press would like to commemorate Mr. Weiner’s new candidacy with a few candid photos of him.

So they’re staking out his house on lower Park Avenue.

At last count, there were three TV trucks and at least a dozen photographers camped on the corner. (See below.) So when Candidate Weiner finally emerges, you’ll know…

(For what it’s worth, our view is that the media will have fun with this shlong thing for a few more days, and then everyone will get bored of it. Politicians have made a lot bigger mistakes in office and lived to get re-elected. And so can Anthony Weiner.)

WAITING FOR WEINER: The Scene Right Now On Lower Park Avenue

Anthony Weiner photographers
Anthony Weiner apartment tv trucks
Anthony Weiner apartment stakeout


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