Anthony Weiner Should Really Have His Own Cable News Show

Anthony Weiner


That’s the sound Anthony Weiner should have made when he slammed down his microphone at the end of a speech on the House floor yesterday.

It would have fit with his recent image of an emblazoned, liberal TV news pundit. The motion so clearly punctuated his sentiment.

Speaking before the House of Representatives on Tuesday, media darling Rep. Anthony Weiner declared his Republican colleagues to be hypocrites because they want to eliminate Medicare in the latest budget debate.

Weiner is a politician, but also a performer with no apparent stage fright. This kind of fearlessness and informed speaking are the perfect recipe for a successful cable news host.

In this case, Weiner was criticising the “Ryan” bill, which was proposed by Republican Representative Paul Ryan.

“It does some things that I’m sure are very popular in America,” Weiner said, referring to the proposed bill. “It says, let’s eliminate the Medicare program.”

According to Weiner, the Ryan bill would also shift $750 billion of Medicaid expenses to the states, forcing localities to raise taxes.

“This is the idea of some new, interesting idea?” Weiner said.

He briefly addressed an accusation that Democrats never come up with new ideas, pointing out that his party conceived of both Medicare and Social Security. He then moved on to the main point.

“This week on the house floor, Republicans are gonna say ‘We’re against Medicare’,” Weiner said, his voice raising to a climax.

“They want to eliminate it as it stands. Isn’t it ironic, they spent all last year criticising the healthcare act because it harmed Medicare. Now, suddenly, they want to eliminate it. Hy-po-cri-sy.”


(h/t Media Matters’ Political Correction)

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