NY Democrat Compares Libya To The Holocaust

weiner libya

The Anthony Weiner soundbyte parade keeps chugging along.

New York’s most quotable Rep. appeared on Don Imus‘ radio show Tuesday and discussed his support of the President’s decision to go into Libya.

Weiner explained that the United States as a powerful country should do what it can to protect innocent citizens.

You know, like America failed to do during the Holocaust.

“My view is that there are times in American history — Rwanda was one, bombing the tracks during the onset to the Holocaust, that we could have sent a bomber wing in to take out the tracks, we didn’t do it — we look back and we see we should use military force to try and defend people who can’t defend themselves,” he said.

Imus asked how the attack on Libya was different from when the United States invaded Iraq, considering the Americans reportedly had the support of the world back then as well.

“We had four Polish troops,” Weiner said of the supposed coalition.

Then the pair began debating again, and Imus asked the Rep. if he could not “be mean to me like you are to poor little Megyn Kelly or Sean Hannity.”

And fin.

Video below.


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