People Are Only 3% As Interested In Anthony Weiner As They Were Last Month

After the latest news of “scandal” involving New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his alleged relationship with a staffer 18 years his junior, only six reporters showed up to hear him talk about it on Friday.

Tweeted the New York Times’ Michael Barbaro, who was one of the lone six to attend Weiner’s press conference, “It’s Official: Weiner Fatigue.”

After a late July and early August that featured a news cycle entranced by the new revelations surrounding his online sexual relationships, New York — and the U.S. — have grown tired of Weiner. He is languishing in fourth place in most polls of the Democratic primary race. And people aren’t interested in finding out new information about him — or even his personal life.

This Google Trends chart captures the waning interest on Weiner over the last four weeks. Peak Weiner hits on July 24, the day after new revelations broke involving 23-year-old model Sydney Leathers. By Friday, the interest in Weiner was about 3% of what it was on July 24.

Here’s a look:

Even Sydney Leathers, searches for whom peaked on Aug. 6, two weeks after the scandal broke, garners little-to-no search interest anymore:

The latest Weiner scandal, as detailed by the New York Observer’s Colin Campbell and Jill Colvin, involves an alleged romantic relationship with a former staffer, Dolev Azaria. She is 18 years younger than Weiner.

Both Weiner and Azaria denied a romantic relationship. At the sparsely attended press conference, Weiner forcefully blasted the report.

“I’ve been around journalism and politics a long time,” Weiner said, according to the Huffington Post. “I’ve never seen a story that was 100% unsourced, 100% based on rumour in the middle of a campaign.”

Weiner’s latest press conference didn’t garner as much attention as his last big, awkward one in July because it didn’t contain the same kind of salacious revelations. But perhaps it also didn’t grab people’s attention because they realise that Weiner is now largely irrelevant.

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