Anthony Weiner's Campaign Manager Quits, And He Suffers An Absolutely Brutal Day On The Sunday Talk Shows

Anthony Weiner press conference

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner confirmed Sunday that his campaign manager had quit amid a week of scandal over revelations of his lewd online behaviour.

It was part of a rough day for Weiner as the scandal entered its second week in the news cycle. Weiner was blasted on the Sunday political talk-show circuit, and there are mounting calls for him to drop out of the mayoral race.

Weiner confirmed at a campaign event Sunday morning that his campaign manager, Danny Kedem, had left his post. It’s more damaging news for Weiner with the Democratic primary just six weeks away and with Weiner collapsing in new polls.

“Danny has left the campaign. He did a remarkable job,” Weiner said, vowing to fight on without Kedem.

Weiner admitted last week to online sexual relationships with at least three women after resigning from Congress in 2011. In total, he estimated that he had online relationships with between six and 10 women both during his time in Congress and otherwise.

Also damaging was the brutal day of press Weiner received on the Sunday shows. Fellow Democratic candidate Christine Quinn appeared on “Meet the Press,” where she cast Weiner as juvenile and a not-serious candidate. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said Weiner was “not psychologically qualified” to be mayor.

Obama campaign and White House veteran David Axelrod said it was time for Weiner to “go away.” And in his weekly commentary, CBS’ “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer delivered a brutal takedown.

“One: It is not funny, it is sickening. Two: It is important,” Schieffer said.

“The mayor of New York is not only the most powerful municipal post in America, but because New York is so big and is the media capital of the world, the mayor of New York occupies a bully pulpit, second in “bullyishness” only to that of the White House.

“The rest of us may not like it, but what the mayor of New York says matters far beyond the New York City limits.¬†Which is why someone with Anthony Weiner’s problems has no business there and should leave the race.”

You can watch the clip of Schieffer’s commentary below:

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