Guess Where "Chocfinger" Anthony Ward Is Keeping All That Cocoa

Last month we found out that Anthony Ward, aka “chocfinger,” had bought $1 billion in cocoa futures.

(For more background, here’s why he did it >>)

The trade bought Ward’s Amanjaro fund 140,100 tons of cocoa beans and made it possible for him to produce 5.3 billion chocolate bars.

Amazingly, after the trade, Ward actually took delivery of the beans himself.

So right now, he’s storing them, and you’ll never guess where.

The Economist says he has them stored them in a number of large refridgerators across Europe.

The beans now lie refrigerated in warehouses in undisclosed locations across Europe. They can stay there for up to 20 years.

Yup, he’s got the beans stored in secret refrigerators located across Europe.

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