Apparently, Anthony Scaramucci Wants To Debate Simon Lack And Lack's Not Into It

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Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of fund of funds, SkyBridge Capital. Simon Lack, an investment advisor, is the founder of SL Advisors. Recently, these men have realised that they disagree very passionately about something.That ‘something’ is whether or not it is profitable to invest in a diverse portfolio of hedge funds.

The argument has been unfolding on our site (thrilling for us). Lack says hedge fund diversification this is a stupid idea. Scaramucci, conversely, thinks that Lack’s view is “cherry picking at its worst.”

Sounds like a healthy argument to us. Especially this part, from Scaramucci’s writing on the topic:

Finally, the cynic in me reads beyond the catchy headlines to see that Mr. Lack’s firm manages all of$8 million, a number I’m sure he would like increase with all this newfound attention he is getting.  Here’s the best part… his firm offers a long/short equity strategy

Pretty fierce.Word is, though, that Scaramucci wants to debate the topic with Lack and settle things once and for all (or for now) and that Lack has declined.

Fair enough, that’s his perogative. But if Lack changes his mind about debating, we’d like to volunteer to host. Sounds like it would be rigorous.

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