ANTHONY DAVIS: Meet The 19-Year-Old Phenom Who's Going To Take The NCAA Tournament By Storm

kentucky basketball player anthony davis shooting a free throw

Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Anthony Davis is the best college basketball player since Kevin Durant.He has the skills of a point guard, the length of a centre, and enough raw talent to make him a lock for the first-overall pick in this summer’s NBA Draft.

When March Madness begins next week, Davis’ incredible story will go mainstream.

Two years ago, he was a 6’2″ unknown. Now, he’s a 6’10” athletic freak who’s going to own the national spotlight in March.

Like another freshmen phenom, Derrick Rose, Davis was born and raised in Chicago. He went to high school at Perspectives Charter

Heading into his junior year of high school, Davis was only 6'2

Source: SI

But between his junior and senior year, he grew EIGHT inches to become the No. 1 recruit in the country


He averaged 32 points and 22 rebounds after the growth spurt. His big advantage: he had all the skills of a guard, but the height of an NBA centre

Source: SI

Source: SI

Davis got off to a hot start in college. His breakout game was in a marquee matchup with UNC. He won the game for Kentucky with a clutch game-winning block

From there, the legend grew. Kentucky handed out this awesome poster for free at a game. Fans liked them so much that they started selling them on eBay, and UK had to issue cease-and-desist orders to stop people from profiting of Davis' image

Source: Kentucky Kernel

His uni-brow became a big meme. Just do a Twitter search for #BrowDown one time

Davis had his signature game against Vanderbilt. He had 28 points, 11 rebounds, 5 blocks, and only missed one shot

Going into the NCAA Tournament, Davis is the frontrunner for National Player of the Year. He's averaging 14 points, 9 rebounds, 5 blocks and is shooting an amazing 66% from the field

ESPN has had him as a lock for the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft for months

But for now, Davis is poised to break into the mainstream as the undisputed best player in the NCAA Tournament

Davis says his game is modelled after another tall forward with the skills of a guard — Kevin Durant

Source: SI

Expect him on this list soon

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