NBA INSIDER: There Are Only Three Players In The NBA Who You Wouldn't Trade For Anthony Davis

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Interesting note from ESPN’s NBA insider Chad Ford about just how valuable New Orleans’ #1-overall pick is right now.Here’s what Ford wrote in a big back-and-forth with Bill Simmons on Grantland today:

Big men like Anthony Davis come along once or twice a decade. I think there’s only three players in the NBA right now that teams WOULDN’T trade for Davis: LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul. Normally Dwight Howard and Deron Williams would be in that discussion, too, and so would Derrick Rose. But with Howard and Williams threatening to bolt and Rose’s injury woes, I think the Magic, Nets and Bulls would all pull the trigger.

That’s really high praise for a guy who hasn’t played a second in the NBA.

Ford also revealed a bit of news: the Cavs made a blockbuster offer of the 4th pick, 24th pick, 33rd pick, 34th pick, and (maybe) Tristan Thompson for the 1st pick. But the Hornets turned them down.

Davis is a really unique player — he’s a 7-footer with the skill set of a guard and the intuition of a classic shot-blocker.

His value is also boosted by the relative weakness of this draft.

Even though there are a dozen or so players who could be solid rotation players in the NBA, Davis is probably the only guy with a chance to become a bonafide superstar.

Read the entire Grantland post here >

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