Conspiracy Theorists Think This Picture Proves That The NBA Fixed The Draft Lottery

A bunch of people think the NBA rigged last night’s draft lottery so that the NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets would get the No. 1 pick.

The supposed hard evidence is this picture of Anthony Davis in a Hornets hat that was allegedly taken two weeks ago and posted on

anthony davis wearing a hornets hat

Photo: Terez Owens

After the Hornets won the draft last night, it went viral.

Just to be clear, the notion that this is proof of a conspiracy is absurd — you’d have to believe that the NBA told Anthony Davis that the fix was in a month ago.

But draft lottery conspiracy theories are plagued by a lack of hard evidence. Even the unnamed NBA execs that told Yahoo! they were suspicious of the lottery could only cite a non-specific sense of fishiness as proof of a wide-ranging plot.

So it’s not surprising that conspiracy theorists latched on something like this picture.


Anthony Davis told the Dan Patrick show that it was technically an old-school Charlotte Hornets hat.

Something tells us this won’t stop the conspiracy theories.

anthony davis hat tweet


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