VIRAL VIDEO: SUNY Binghamton Grad Explains Why Average Is The New Exceptional

Last year a SUNY Binghamton graduate gave a speech extolling the virtues of mediocrity.

It was such a hit that the video racked up 180K hits on Youtube. Then it was plagiarized last week by a speaker at North Carolina Central University Law School.

The original, given by Anthony Corvino has gems like:

  • I hope to inspire you with the speech I have prepared … and to make the woman doing sign language laugh at least once
  • This speech is for all the professors who understand Wikipedia is the greatest invention of the 21st Century — and how, is not
  • I was told I was chosen to give the undergraduate speech because of one quality I had … I was an average Binghamton student. I said finally, our time has come
  • Average is knowing you don’t receive respect, you earn it; average knows you don’t get opportunity, you fight for it. Maybe average is the new exceptional.