Anthony Albanese Has Blamed Front Page Editorials For Part Of The Labor Party's Woes

Photo: Getty Images

Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has blamed front page editorials for part of the Labor Party’s woes.

Rupert Murdoch’s Australian tabloids ran several front page stories blasting the Labor Party, with headlines such as “kick this mob out.”

While Albanese did not concede defeat while speaking to Channel Seven, polls show Labor is set for a landslide defeat.

Several high-profile Labor figures such as former defence minister Steven Smith have stated they think their party will lose tonight’s election.

“If you added up all the front pages we have had against us and the unauthorised ads if you like,” the party would have done better during its five-week campaign, the deputy Prime Minister said.

“Give us a few hundred million to spend on adds and we would have no doubt done better than we have.”

Asked whether the Murdoch press was justified in taking a harsh stance on Labor, Albanese said: “If we had come out with an election policy during this campaign that we would buy boats — buy boats off the Indonesians — we would have been laughed at.”

Albanese was referring to the Coalition’s plan to buy boats off Indonesian fisherman to stop them falling into the hands of people smugglers.

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