'Ant-Man' star Michael Peña says Donald Trump's immigration remarks made his family stronger

Michael Peña gives a scene-stealing performance in “Ant-Man” (out this weekend) as the spacey side kick of the micro-sized superhero played by Paul Rudd.

But when Business Insider spoke with the actor, who is of Mexican descent, over the phone on Monday, we had to get his thoughts on Donald Trump’s remarks during his presidential candidacy announcement last month that Mexico sends people across the US boarder that are “bringing crime” and “rapists.”

“When I first saw it, I thought it was a skit,” Peña told BI. “I was thinking, ‘Who is this guy’s campaign manager?’ That’s the guy who should be fired.”

Donald trumpREUTERS/Dominick ReuterRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures after speaking and taking questions at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015.

Peña, who was born and raised in Chicago after his parents emigrated to the States from Mexico, went on to say that it’s hard to be insulted by Trump’s comments because he doesn’t take Trump seriously.

The actor said, if anything, the remarks brought his family closer.

“My parents were farmers [in Mexico] and they came here and learned English because they wanted a better life in America,” Peña said. “So it’s unfortunate for people who have come here and do well. But at the same time it’s made the bond that my family and I have stronger.”

“It’s unfortunate because he just wants people to talk about him,” said Peña of Trump.

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