'Ant-Man' will tease the next 'Captain America' movie in its end credits sequence

Ant Man Paul RuddMarvelStick around until the end-credits scenes.

If you can’t wait to see next year’s “Captain America” sequel “Civil War,” which will pit Tony Stark against Steve Rogers, you may want to head out and see “Ant-Man,” the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe out July.

According to /film, “Ant-Man” will feature the first clip from “Captain America: Civil War,” but you’ll have to stay until the end of the film to see it.

Make sure to stay after the movie ends for not one, but two end-credits sequences.

During the “Ant-Man” press junket over the weekend, Marvel president Kevin Feige confirmed to /film the clip showed at the end of “Ant-Man” is “material shot for Civil War” that you’ll see in the movie next year.

Via /film:

It might be different takes, it might be different angles. Somebody brought up the comparison to the Thor tag at the end of Iron Man 2, which was material shot for the Thor film but we cut slightly differently.

No word on who pops up on the scene yet, but we’ll have a full explainer on the end-credits sequences once the film is released in theatres July 17.

“Captain America: Civil War” will be released May 6, 2016.

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