ANSWERS: How Much Did A Wealthy Person Spend On This?

Here’s some additional information about the answers to our quiz:
How Much Did A Rich Person Spend On This?
1. The death mask of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was auctioned off at Bonhams auction house in London on June 19, 2013. The mask was made shortly after Napoleon’s death on the island of St Helena, and ultimately sold for £169,250, or about $US259,600.

2. A former servant kept this scrap of toast from the breakfast table of Prince Charles on his wedding day to the late Princess Diana as a memento of the Royal Wedding. It sold for £230 ($US354 at current conversion rates) at its auction in Etwall, Derbyshire July 19, 2012.

3. This rare pre-17th century, sub-fossilized Elephant Bird egg was auctioned off in London on April 24, 2013. The extinct Elephant Bird, a native of Madagascar, was a large bird measuring around 11 feet in height. The egg sold for £66,675 — about $US102,570 — at the British auction.

4. This crystal pet urn was showcased at the Taipei Pet Show at Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei on July 27, 2013. It’s a part of a “pet funeral set,” which includes the urn, a casket shaped like a book, and a spot in grave garden for 25 years. The whole set was priced at NTD120,000 ($US4,000), the pet funeral service company told REUTERS.

5. This 489-pound tuna was caught off Oma, Aomori in North Japan. Kiyomura Co’s President Kiyoshi Kimura, who runs a chain of sushi restaurants, won the bid for the tuna with a record 155.40 million yen (rough $US 1.76 million) at the fish market’s first tuna auction in January 2013.

6. In October 2012, Christie’s auctioned off Daniel Craig’s swim trunks that he wore as James Bond in “Casino Royale.” The swimsuit was a part of the “50 Years of James Bond” auction, and Christie’s thought it would go for $US4,600-$US7,500. Someone ultimately bought it for a staggering $US72,000.

7. The original Batmobile was sold during the Barrett-Jackson collectors car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona January 19, 2013 for $US4.62 million. It was the iconic car used in the 1960s television show.

8. This 1981 Patek Philippe wristwatch is truly unique. It’s made of white gold, and has a perpetual calendar with moon phases and leap-year. It sold on May 13, 2013 at a Geneva Christie’s auction for $US1,701,690.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker donated shoes from her “Sex and the City” character Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. Three pairs were sold at the Gotta Have it! auction house in New York on April 24, 2013 to benefit New York City’s LaGuardia Arts High School. The pair shown here sold for $US1,412.

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