Bartz's Yahoo Re-Org Coming Soon

Om Malik says Yahoo is “close to announcing” its long-anticipated re-org.

He confirms previously reported details:

My sources are telling me that the company is close to announcing another re-org, one that will divide Yahoo into two distinct groups. The first is a product & engineering division that will be spearheaded by Ari Balogh, currently chief technology officer of the company. Hillary Schneider, executive VP at Yahoo, is rumoured to be the one slated to run the second one, which is generically being referred to as the business division. The rationale behind this forthcoming shakeup is that it will give Yahoo a more united front.

What Om doesn’t mention: If Yahoo goes through with its reported plan to swap its search business for Microsoft’s display business, we’re going to see a lot more than just a little shuffling at big purple.

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