Another Treasury Nominee Withdraws

Last night we mentioned that Annette Nazareth, a former SEC big that had been tapped to be Geithner’s deputy had pulled out of the running. There’s also another one. Caroline Atkinson, who was supposed to oversee international affairs at the Treausry has also withdrawn, supposedly because of the “long vetting process”, says WSJ.

We don’t think that’s the real reason, cause if it were, that’d be pathetic. The President and the Secretary of Treasury ask for your service during a great economic crisis, and you don’t serve cause of the length of the vetting process? C’mon. Obviously that’s not it.

This alone doesn’t seem like a huge deal. We hadn’t heard of Caroline Atkinsons, but the point remains. The most important position in the Cabinet is Geithner’s and he’s increasingly isolated and alone, with no help.

Also, where the heck are Obama’s other big econ advisors like Larry Summers and Austan Goolsbee these days?

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