Another surfer has been bitten by a shark on the NSW north coast

Photo: Allsport Australia/Getty Images

Another surfer has been bitten by a shark at Ballina on the NSW north coast.

The 25–year-old man, had been in the water with friends for around two hours when he felt something bump his board before he fell into the water at Sharpes Beach.

He emerged from the water with a small wound to his right lower leg and was taken to Ballina Hospital by friends, where police were called at around 11.30 am.

Police are working with authorities to determine what species might have bitten him and all Ballina Shire beaches have been closed for 24 hours.

The attack comes just a fortnight after a teenager was bitten on the hip on September 26 at Lighthouse Beach, the town’s main surfing spot.

Ballina, just south of the popular tourism destination of Byron Bay, has seen several shark attacks over the past two years, including the death of a Japanese surfer killed in February 2015.

NSW authorities have been investigating ways to protect people in the water. Sonar detection, regarded as the “Holy Grail” of shark mitigation, is installed at Sharpes Beach. White pointers have also been tagged and drones have been trialed, but an attempt to net Lighthouse Beach was abandoned after repeated storms.

The government has instead increased the number of baited shark drums in the area.