The Three New Startups Emerging From The Ruins Of MySpace

Travis Katz

A lot of top talent is quitting MySpace these days.

Where are they going?

For one thing, they’re founding new companies.

Ex-MySpacers have founded three startups over the past year:

  • Former GM International of MySpace Travis Katz is working with former Yahoo Ori Zaltzman to launch a new startup, TechCrunch reported today. No details are available yet.
  • Last May, top execs Amit Kapur, Steve Pearman, and Jim Benedetto left the company to start Gravity. Gravity is an attempt to reimagine message boards.
  • Earlier this month, ex-CEO and founder Chris DeWolfe raised over $20 million to start a social games acquisition spree with his company, now called MindJolt.

Here’s a strange video from Gravity that explains what they’re up to. Sort of:

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