Another Solid Day For Equities As Commodities Take A Beatdown

Write down 10 tickers on a piece of paper, close your eyes, and throw a dart at it. Whatever it hits will probably make you money if you go long, at least in this market!

Dow: Up 45 points to 10,778.

NASDAQ: Up 2 points to 2391.

S&P 500: Down a half point to 1165.

Commodities: Mixed but generally hurting. Crude oil is down nearly 1% to $82.14 a barrel.

Gold is up $2.20 to $1126.40 an ounce. Silver is down $0.07 to $17.45 an ounce.

Futures remain mixed, with energy, OJ, and soybean oil all performing poorly while meats and softs pick up solid gains.

GF Final Mar18

Photo: Google Finance

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