Another Reason To Give Up Smoking: You'll Earn More Than Those Who've Never Smoked

Australian tobacco plain packagingPhoto: Getty / Cameron Spencer

You know you should do it.

And here’s another reason — ex smokers earn more.

Apparently it’s well-documented in studies that smokers earn less than their purer colleagues, up to 24 per cent.

But it’s a bit of a secret, until now, that giving up permanently will fill your bank account faster than those who don’t smoke.

The Harvard Business Review blog says: “It has been well documented that smokers make less money than nonsmokers, but it’s less widely known that former smokers earn a 7 per cent wage premium over people who have never smoked.”

A study, The Even One Is Too Much: The Economic Consequences of Being a Smoker, by Julie L. Hotchkiss of Georgia State University and M. Melinda Pitts of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, looked at 20 years of US data.

This suggests that it’s not the increased productivity that make ex-smokers so good but their attributes such as increased tolerance.

And cutting down won’t have an impact. Just one cigarette will reduce earnings.

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