A Potential Billion-Dollar Exit For PopCap Validates The Social Gaming Industry

PopCap Games is rumoured to be in acquisition talks with a potential suitor according to TechCrunch blogger MG Sigler. It is unknown who the buyer is at this time but the deal is valued at more than $1 billion:

The question now is who the buyer is. The obvious possibility is Zynga, which has made a string of game-related acquisitions over the last year. But we’re hearing they’re out. Our sources say that Zynga did indeed kick the tires hard on a potential acquisition, but it looks like the company couldn’t get comfortable with the price PopCap was asking for.

This definitely validates the Social Gaming industry. Recently we have seen Zynga valued at multiple billions of dollars and just yesterday I witnessed “Social Entertainment Gaming” company Giant Thinkwell launch their new Mix-n-Match game featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot.  Here’s an exclusive interview with Mix.

If it is true, this is a huge win for the Seattle startup community.  Now, where is the next billion dollar exit from the New York startup scene?

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