Another Overpriced E-Reader That Apple's Tablet Will Kill

The Amazon Kindle is getting more competition: This time, the “DR800SG” from iRex, which will sell at Best Buy stores and run on Verizon Wireless’ network.

Like the Kindle, it uses a black-and-white “e-ink”-like screen. (The main difference: It has a touch screen and will work overseas.)

And like similar e-readers, which are really only good for one thing — reading books — it is still far too expensive for most people, at $399.

These companies have a shot to sell a few as pricey, novelty Christmas presents this year. (Though even if Best Buy workers can convince people they want a $400 e-reader, it will be hard to compete with the Kindle, which has a more recognisable brand.)

But new competition is just around the corner: Far more useful devices with colour screens, such as Apple’s forthcoming tablet computer.

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