Uber's work environment sounds even worse than we thought

A former engineer’s claims of sexism at Uber is apparently only the tip of a much deeper problem inside the company’s culture, according to a scathing report published on Wednesday.

A New York Times investigation by Mike Isaac into Uber’s workplace shows that the company’s culture is worse than even Susan Fowler’s tell-all portrayed.

The report, citing anonymous sources, describes an incident in which one manager “threatened to beat an underperforming employee’s head in with a baseball bat.”

Another Uber manager allegedly groped co-workers’ breasts during a Las Vegas company retreat that featured cocaine-sniffing employees and a joyride in an employee-commandeered shuttle bus, the report claims. The unnamed manager who allegedly groped the female employees was later fired, the report said.

Former employees told the Times that they notified Uber’s senior leadership, including CTO Thuan Pham and CEO Travis Kalanick, of workplace harassment. However, Uber had an “A-Team” of people close to Kalanick who avoided scrutiny from HR, according to the Times.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.

In the days since Fowler’s blog post went viral, Kalanick claimed he wasn’t aware of Fowler’s harassment allegations and pledged a full investigation into the environment, which will be lead by former US Attorney General Eric Holder. However, Wednesday’s report from The New York Times suggests that the scope of the investigation might have to be much wider than originally thought.

Read the full investigation by the New York Times here.

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