Another Motorised Esky Driver Has Been Busted By Police

Another motorised esky driver has copped a fine for driving the makeshift vehicle unregistered on Australian roads.

Over the weekend Victoria Police impounded the esky in Rosebud Wettonnight.

A 29-year-old Rosebud west man was intercepted on the footpath beside Point Nepean Road when police spotted the 49cc esky just after 5pm on Saturday.

After speaking to the driver it was revealed he did not have a license to drive an esky or any other vehicle.

The man was issued two fines totalling a very uncool $1476.

Police have impounded the contraption for 30 days under local council laws.

Earlier this month a man from Para Hills in Adelaide was pulled over by police for driving a motorised esky. The 26-year-old man was charged and his esky also impounded. More here.

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