Another Liberal Candidate Could Not Explain One Of The Party's Policies

The Liberal candidate for Wakefield Tom Zorich could not explain the party’s direct action plan to reduce carbon emissions during a debate with Labor MP Nick Champion yesterday.

In a YouTube video posted by Sky News on August 18, Zorich is asked by debate host Peter Van Onselen to explain the Liberal Party’s direct action policy put forward as an alternative to the Labor Party’s carbon tax.

“How does direct action work?” he is asked.

“Look … I’m … not across all those issues,” Zorich replied. “As a candidate, and a businessman, I’m not across everything.”

“I’m sorry Peter, I haven’t got much to tell you about that.”

According to the party’s website, the direct action policy would reduce carbon emissions within Australia, “not overseas.”

The plan involves a $3 billion emissions reduction fund. “All money spent will be on Australian green projects, not foreign carbon credits, keeping more jobs in Australia,” the party’s website says.

Zorich has been contacted for comment.

Last week another Liberal Party candidate, Jaymes Diaz, who is running for the seat of Greenway in Northwest Sydney, could not explain a “six-point plan” to stop boats of Asylum seekers coming to Australia.

When pressed by a reporter, Diaz simply said the plan would “stop the boats.”

The gaffe has since gained international attention after featuring in a parody video on The Daily Show, hosted by John Oliver.

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