Another Ivy Drug Bust: Cornell Student Arrested With $150,000 Worth Of Heroin

cornell drug bustKeri Blakinger

Photo: WNBG

Cornell student Keri Blakinger was arrested on Saturday after police found her in possession of nearly six ounces of heroin, the Cornell Sun reported.The 26-year-old’s been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the second degree, a class A-II felony.

The market value of the drug has been estimated at $150,000.

That’s the second Ivy League drug bust this month! Earlier in December, five Columbia kids and three “off-campus suppliers” were arrested for their alleged involvement in a drug ring that sold to on-campus frat houses.

Ithaca police wer called to the Hillside Inn because someone had reported a “suspicious person.” They found Blakinger there and took her into custody.

Blakinger is supposed to graduate from the Ivy League university next year.

She’s a former Sun staff writer and editor of a section called Red Letter Daze. Here are some of her writings for the university paper. Her sign off was “Daze and Confused.” How fitting!

For more, go to the Cornell Sun >

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