PROTESTER: ‘Google Is Totalitarian And Makes Robots That Kill People’

Google IO protester

A second protester disrupted the Google I/O developer conference today, but this time he wasn’t talking about evictions.

In hour three of the conference, a man walked down the aisle, yelling that Google is “totalitarian” and that it’s “making robots that kill people” for the NSA.

As he was escorted out of the audience, he yelled that everyone in the room should “wake the f— up.”

People on the stage continued giving their presentations, while developers yelled at the man to leave.

He left peacefully.

The person giving the presentation right after the protester left joked about how he wrote the most peaceful app he could think of: an app that tracks walks that you go on throughout the day.

Earlier in the conference, a woman made her way through the Moscone Center, holding a T-shirt in protest of Jack Halprin, who is part of Google’s legal team. Halprin has been accused of so-called Ellis Act evicting teachers from a building he owns in San Francisco.