Another "Friday the 13th" Movie In The Works

  • Warner Bros. is moving forward with plans to make another Friday the 13th film. The next movie will be written by the same duo that penned the first one, but it won’t be a sequel so much as a follow-up, drawing on various elements from the franchise. Director Marcus Nispel is unlikely to helm the next movie, whereas the fate of the first film’s surviving stars is unknown. (THR)
  • Drew Barrymore is, believe it or not, in the running to direct the third Twilight movie, Eclipse. Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It! is expected to come out later this year. (EW)
  • Entertainment Weekly claims rumours that Lost star Evangeline Lilly was auditioning for fall TV pilots, and thus leaving the show, are untrue. (EW)
  • Sony has picked up The B Team: that Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg project that was being shopped earlier this week. The studio plans to register the title to avoid confusion with Fox’s upcoming remake of The A Team. (Variety)
  • CBS has ordered two more seasons of Survivor. (TV by the Numbers)
  • Jake Gyllenhall and Jim Carrey will star in a film version of Damn Yankees. (Variety)
  • Brittany Snow is in advanced talks to play a young Lily Van Der Woodsen in the new Gossip Girl spinoff. (EW)
  • Dreamgirls writer/director Bill Condon is shopping a Richard Pryor biopic with Eddie Murphy attached to star. Fox Searchlight is reportedly interested in the film. (EW)
  • Antonio Banderas has signed on to join Naomi Watts and Freida Pinto in Woody Allen’s new film. (Variety)
  • Seth Green and Joan Cusack will star in the Disney movie Mars Needs mums!, set to be produced by Robert Zemeckis. (THR)

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