Another Excellent Representation Of This Boring Market That Does Nothing But Go Up

So you know the VIX is dead as a doornail, but here’s another way of viewing this market that’s ceaselessly spiraling higher (today excepted on the Dow, barely).

It’s from Bespoke, which notes the old maxim: never short a dull market.

While 21 trading days without a one per cent move seems like a long streak after what we’ve been through recently, it was actually not that uncommon prior to the financial collapse.  As recently as January 2007, the S&P 500 had a streak of 38 days without a +/-1% daily move.  As shown in the chart below, the current streak is big compared to the last couple of years, but it pales in comparison to many streaks over the last 20 years.  While the S&P hasn’t had a one per cent gain or decline since March 5th, the index is up 4.54% over the time period.  Most of these streaks come during periods where the market is rallying nicely.  The phrase “never short a dull market” came about for a reason!


Photo: Bespoke

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