Another Cannibal Attack In Florida!

charles baker florida cannibalCharles Baker

Photo: ABC Action News

A Palmetto, Fla., man allegedly got naked and bit a chunk out of man’s arm Wednesday night when he was visiting his kids.When Charles Baker, 26, went to visit his girlfriend and his kids around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday, he barged into the house, began yelling, and took his clothes off before throwing furniture around the home, ABC Action News reported.

When Jeffrey Blake, another man who lived in the home, tried to calm Baker down, Baker allegedly gnawed a chunk of flesh out of Blake’s arm.

Police believe Baker was under the influence of an unknown substance, according to ABC Action News.

Deputies had to stun gun Baker at least four times before they were able to hold him down and handcuff him.

Florida first made headlines over Memorial Day weekend when Rudy Eugene attacked homeless man Ronald Poppo and ate his face.

Police believe Eugene was high on bath salts, a synthetic drug that gives users superhuman strength, when he attacked Poppo.

A second attack happened only weeks later when Brandon De Leon allegedly threatened to eat police as they arrested him for fighting outside a Miami-area Boston Market.

De Leon was also reportedly under the influence of bath salts when he growled at police.

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