Another AirAsia flight has been forced to make an emergency landing due to engine problems

Picture: Facebook/ AirAsia Australia

An AirAsia flight to Malaysia has returned to Brisbane shortly after takeoff after a midair emergency.

9News reports that flight D7207, which flew out of the Gold Coast on Monday night, was forced to land after loud bangs were heard and sparks were seen flying from one of the engines.

All 345 passengers and 14 crew on board were uninjured.

AirAsia later said it suspects the incident was caused by a bird strike.

Last week, another AirAsia plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Perth Airport after an engine malfunctioned on a flight heading for Kuala Lumpur.

The turbulence was so severe on flight D7237 that the pilot asked passengers to pray twice.

That flight landed safely and investigations are continuing.

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